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 Clipper specific functions
 BLIDBGHAN()                   Get / set the Blinker debug handle
 BLIDEMDTE() / BLIDEMDTEBAS()  Get demonstration date limit if set
 BLIDEMMIN()                   Get / set demonstration minutes
 BLIDISFRG()                   Display CA-Clipper Summer '87 free pool fragmentation
 BLIERRNUM()                   Get Blinker error number
 BLIERRPRM() / BLIERRPRMBAS()  Get Blinker error parameter
 BLIFUNCAL()                   Call a CA-Clipper DLL library function
 BLIFUNHAN()                   Get a CA-Clipper DLL library function handle
 BLILIBFRE()                   Free a CA-Clipper DLL library
 BLILIBLOD()                   Dynamically load a CA-Clipper DLL library
 BLILIBOVR()                   Force dynamically loaded DLL library functions to override EXE functions
 BLILOCAVL()                   Get the available local and private variables space
 BLILOCTOT()                   Get the total local and private variables space
 BLILOCUSE()                   Get the used local and private variables space
 BLILSTFRG()                   List CA-Clipper Summer '87 memory blocks
 BLIMEMAVL()                   Get CA-Clipper total free dynamic memory
 BLIMEMBLK()                   Get CA-Clipper Summer '87 free memory down to nuBlocksize
 BLIMEMMAX()                   Get largest free CA-Clipper memory block
 BLIMEMPAK()                   Pack CA-Clipper Summer '87 memory pool
 BLIMEMSIZ()                   Get the size of the CA-Clipper Summer '87 dynamic memory area
 BLIMEMUSE()                   Get the amount of used memory in the CA-Clipper Summer '87 memory area
 BLIMGRSTS()                   Get program status information
 BLIOVLCLR()                   Clear unused CA-Clipper Summer '87 overlays from memory
 BLIOVLOPS()                   Get size of overlay pool memory
 BLIOVLRES()                   Resume overlay manager operation
 BLIOVLSIZ()                   Get current size of overlay pool memory
 BLIOVLSUS()                   Suspend overlay manager operations
 BLIPTRDEC()                   Huge pointer decrement
 BLIPTRINC()                   Huge pointer increment
 BLISERNUM() / BLISERNUMBAS()  Get burned in serial number
 BLISTCAVL()                   Get the available static variables space
 BLISTCSHR()                   Get whether static and local variables are sharing the same memory space
 BLISTCTOT()                   Get the total static variables space
 BLISTCUSE()                   Get the used static variables space
 BLISTRFRG()                   Get CA-Clipper Summer '87 free pool fragmentation as a string
 BLIVERNUM()                   Return the Blinker version number as an integer

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