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 Link time warning messages (10xx)
 1001: ignoring invalid link script file command parameter in '<command>'
 1002: duplicate input file <filename> ignored
 1003: warning - no stack segment in .EXE file
 1004: <filename(modulename)> : '<symbol>' duplicated in <filename(modulename)>
 1004: DEFINE command : '<symbol>' duplicated in <filename(modulename)>
 1005: the default overlay class '<class>' contains the word 'DATA'
 1006: <filename>: padding truncated to fit within 64kb
 1007: warning - program has no start address
 1008: <filename> : invalid incremental link file
 1009: <filename> : file cannot be linked incrementally
 1010: <filename> : no space available for incremental link
 1011: '<symbol>' has been aliased to two different symbols
 1012: segments in GROUP <groupname> have conflicting attributes
 1013: ignoring invalid module definition file command parameter in '<command>'
 1014: ignoring duplicate module definition file command in '<command>'
 1015: ignoring duplicate export for symbol '<symbol>'
 1016: ignoring duplicate import for symbol '<symbol>'
 1017: ignoring duplicate definition for segment <segment>
 1018: unable to export symbol <symbol>

 Link time fatal messages (11xx)
 1101: terminated by user
 1102: no input files were specified
 1103: '......' is not a valid link script command
 1103: '......' is not a valid module definition command
 1104: unbalanced BEGINAREAs and ENDAREAs
 1105: maximum script file nesting depth exceeded
 1106: not enough real memory to link
 1107: disk full writing output file
 1108: stack overflow during linking
 1109: unable to open file <filename>
 1110: <file>: invalid object file or library file
 1111: <filename(modulename)> : invalid segment definition
 1112: <filename(modulename)> : invalid group definition
 1113: segment <name> or its group exceeds 64kb
 1114: <file(module)> : '<symbol>' duplicated in <file(module)>
 1114: DEFINE command : '<symbol>' duplicated in <file(module)>
 1115: <file(module)> : '<symbol>'unresolved external
 1116: fixup overflow at offset <offset> in segment <segment> contained in
 1117: use of debugging information requires external overlays
 1118: too many external overlays
 1119: no main module found
 1120: incremental link file is too large
 1121: BASIC requires the first .OBJ file to be in the root
 1122: <file(module)> : compiled with Summer '87 not 5.x
 1123: <file(module)> : compiled with 5.x not Summer '87
 1124: <file(module)> : first .OBJ not compiled with CA-Clipper
 1125: <file(module)> communal '<symbol>' has an inconsistent element size
 1126: <file(module)> communal '<symbol>' has an invalid data type
 1127: near communals segment exceeds 64kb
 1128: <file(module)> : unrecognized .OBJ record type nnh
 1129: BLINKER OVERLAY DYNAMIC is only applicable to CA-Clipper Summer '87
 1130: unable to create file <filename>
 1131: error closing file <filename>
 1132: error deleting file <filename>
 1133: version n.n is required to use this .LNK file
 1134: error reading file <filename>
 1135: error writing file <filename>
 1136: no more XMS handles available
 1137: no more EMS handles available
 1138: unable to find and execute program
 1139: unbalanced DEFBEGINs and DEFENDs
 1140: new .EXE contains more than 254 segments
 1141: new .EXE needs larger alignment value
 1142: <filename(modulename)> : <segment> already belongs to group <group>
 1143: not enough memory for the compression system
 1144: the size of DGROUP plus the heap exceeds 64 kb
 1145: symbol <symbol> uses duplicate ordinal <ordinal>
 1146: command APPLOAD must appear before SEGMENTS commands
 1147: <filename(modulename)> contains incremental compilation errors
 1148: BLINKER CLIPPER SYMBOL OFF required for huge symbol table
 1149: compressed programs cannot be incrementally linked
 1150: <filename> is a demo so cannot be linked with this Blinker
 1151: increase PACKDATA parameter to reduce SYMBOLs segments
 1152: too many exported name symbols
 1153: <n.n> requires a more recent version of BLXxxxnnn.LIB
 1154: portable .EXE file contains more than 128 sections
 1155: portable .EXE file needs larger file alignment value
 1156: <filename>(<modulename>) is not compatible with 32 bit .EXEs
 1157: importing from DLLs is not supported in dual mode
 1158: <filename> is not a valid resource file
 1159: <filename> is a 32 bit resource file
 1160: <filename> is a 16 bit resource file
 1161: more than one NAME or LIBRARY module definition command
 1162: <filename> should not be linked to a Windows program
 1163: .DLLs cannot be created as DUAL mode programs
 1164: 32 bit Windows programs cannot currently be compressed
 1165: <filename> is a COFF file so is not currently supported
 1166: too many entries in packed symbol table
 1169: DPMI memory allocation error
 1170: error in compression system
 1171: .EXE file size limit exceeded
 1172: an undetermined XMS error has occurred
 1173: an undetermined EMS error has occurred
 1174: invalid file number
 1175: too many buffered files
 1176: invalid symbol token
 1177: invalid packed symbol number
 1178: invalid local symbol number
 1180: invalid communal number
 1181: too many entries in LNAMEs table
 1182: too many entries in sort table
 1183: too many entries in symbol names table
 1184: too many entries in dynamic table
 1185: dynamic table space is full
 1186: too many fixups in overlay
 1187: not enough virtual memory to link
 1188: .EXE file is corrupt
 1189: invalid page status
 1190: internal error - invalid symbol number
 1191: internal error - invalid library number
 1192: internal error - invalid page number
 1193: internal error - invalid CodeView number
 1194: internal error - invalid module number
 1195: internal error - invalid public number
 1196: internal error - invalid external number
 1197: internal error - invalid group number
 1198: internal error - invalid segment number
 1199: internal error - DOS function call error

 DOS real mode run time messages (12xx)
 1201: unable to find overlay file <filename> in current PATH
 1202: DOS read error in file <filename>
 1203: file <filename> is not a valid .EXE file
 1204: overlay file <filename> does not match the .EXE file
 1205: not enough memory to load procedure
 1206: maximum procedure nesting depth exceeded
 1207: No longer used
 1208: demonstration date limit exceeded
 1209: demonstration time limit exceeded
 1210: overlay has been prematurely freed
 1211: overlay manager stack overflow
 1212: Overlay Opsize exceeded - increase Opsize
 1213: attempt to call DEFINED routine
 1214: error accessing EMS overlay cache
 1215: error accessing XMS overlay cache
 1216: overlay manager unable to resume
 1217: overlay vector corrupted during execution
 1218: symbol <symbolname> was not linked to the program
 1219: BLXCLPnn.OBJ must be linked to the main .EXE

 Sswap error
 1220: swap error [major/minor] (text message)

 DOS protected mode run time messages (13xx)
 1301: error finding or loading module <module>
 1302: DPMI function call nnnnh failed with error code nnh
 1303: DOS function call nnh is not supported
 1304: cannot use XMS host with current memory manager configuration
 1305: maximum selector limit exceeded
 1306: invalid selector value
 1307: unable to load segment in module <module>
 1308: execution terminated by user
 1309: no more memory available
 1310: this program requires a 286 processor or above
 1311: this program requires DOS 3.0 or later
 1312: insufficient extended memory available to run
 1313: exception error nn : <exception type>, code = nnnnh
 1314: unable to create file <filename>
 1315: insufficient conventional memory to run program
 1316: VM swap file disk full or VM limit exceeded
 1317: extender heap full
 1318: divide by zero attempted at (nn) ssss:oooo
 1319: unable to import name <module.name> in module <module>
 1320: unable to import ordinal <module.ordinal> in module <module>
 1321: <filename> must be compressed with Blinker 5.x

 Other common errors
 CA-Clipper internal error 37
 DOS open error 4
 DOS open error 5
 Parameter value is out of range
 Sharing violation
 The system cannot find the file USER
 Unable to load USER.DLL

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