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 Introduction Connection Services
 NNETADR()    Determines the internal netaddress of a user
 NNETATTACH() Attaches a file server to a workstation
 NNETCCNSRV() Determines the number of attached file servers
 NNETCLRCON() Clears a connection number
 NNETCVSSRV() Determines the number of visible file servers in a network
 NNETDISLOG() Disables a file server for logins
 NNETENLOG()  Enables a file server for logins
 NNETFSLST()  Determines the names of all visible file servers in a network
 NNETINUSE()  Returns the number of objects currently logged into the network
 NNETLOGGED() Determines if a station has logged in using LOGIN
 NNETLOGIN()  Log in a user on a file server
 NNETLOGOUT() Log out a user of one or all file servers
 NNETNAME()   Determines the user name for an internal netaddress
 NNETSETSRV() Sets an attached server as the default server
 NNETSLIST()  Returns a list of all the attached file servers
 NNETSNAME()  Returns the name of the default file server
 NNETSTAID()  Determines the ID of a station (network card)
 NNETSTANUM() Queries the station number on a file server
 NNETWHOAMI() Determines the station LOGIN name

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