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 Introduction Low Level Bindery Access
 NNETADDSET() Adds a bindery object to a set property
 NNETBINACC() Determines the bindery security access level
 NNETBINCL()  Closes a bindery
 NNETBINOP()  Opens a bindery
 NNETCRTOBJ() Creates a new bindery object
 NNETCRTPRP() Creates a new bindery property
 NNETDELOBJ() Deletes a bindery object
 NNETDELPRP() Deletes an object property
 NNETDELSET() Deletes a bindery object from a set property
 NNETINSET()  Determines if a bindery object belongs to a set property
 NNETNUMMEM() Determines the number of members of a set property
 NNETOBJID()  Determines the object ID with the object name and object type
 NNETOBJNAM() Determines the object name of an object ID
 NNETOBJSEC() Sets the security of a bindery object
 NNETOBJTYP() Determines the object type of an object ID
 NNETPRPSEC() Sets the property security
 NNETRDITM()  Reads an item property segment
 NNETRDSET()  Reads a set property
 NNETRENOBJ() Renames a bindery object
 NNETSCNBIN() Scans a bindery for an object
 NNETSCNPRP() Scans a bindery object for a property
 NNETWRTITM() Writes a segment of an item property

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