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 Introduction Broadcast Messages
 NNETBRDCST() Determines or queries the receiving mode for broadcast messages
 NNETGETMSG() Reads the broadcast buffer on a file server
 NNETMSGCLO() Reads the message buffer and uninstalls the broadcast system
 NNETMSGCLR() Clears the broadcast buffer
 NNETMSGCNT() Determines the number of messages in the broadcast buffer
 NNETMSGKEY() Defines the key code for incoming broadcast messages
 NNETMSGOPN() Initializes the interrupt-controlled broadcast system
 NNETMSGRD()  Reads the message from broadcast buffer
 NNETMSGSIZ() Determines the size of the broadcast buffer
 NNETSNDALL() Sends a message to all users on a file server
 NNETSNDCON() Sends a message to the server console
 NNETSNDGRP() Sends a message to all group members
 NNETSNDLOG() Sends a message to the log file of a file server
 NNETSNDUSR() Sends a message to a user

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