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 Introduction Print Queue Management
 NNETADDQOP() Adds operators to a print queue
 NNETADDQSV() Adds a print server
 NNETADDQUS() Adds a queue user
 NNETCAPJOB() Determines the job number of most recently opened capture job
 NNETCRTQ()   Creates a new print queue
 NNETDELQ()   Deletes a print queue
 NNETJBAN()   Determines if a banner page is printed for a job
 NNETJBFILE() Sets or determines the file names in the banner text of a job
 NNETJBNAME() Sets or determines the banner name for a job
 NNETJCNT()   Determines the number of jobs in a print queue
 NNETJCOPY()  Sets or determines the number of copies for a job
 NNETJCPL()   Sets or determines the number of characters per line for a job
 NNETJDEL()   Deletes a job from a print queue
 NNETJDESC()  Reads and modifies the job description
 NNETJEDATE() Determines the entry date of a job
 NNETJETIME() Determines the entry time of a job
 NNETJFILE()  Determines the name of a job file
 NNETJFLAGS() Reads and sets the job control flag
 NNETJFORM()  Sets or determines the form name for a job
 NNETJLIST()  Determines a list of job numbers in a queue
 NNETJLPP()   Sets or determines the number of lines per page for a job
 NNETJOWNER() Determines the login name of a job owner
 NNETJPOINT() Determines if a job is serviced at an interrupt
 NNETJPOS()   Determines or changes the position of a job in a queue
 NNETJSDATE() Queries and sets a job start date
 NNETJSIZE()  Determines the size of a job file
 NNETJSRV()   Sets or determines the target or the processing print server
 NNETJSTIME() Queries or sets the job start time
 NNETJSUPFF() Checks to see if the form feed at end of a job is suppressed
 NNETJTABS()  Sets or determines the tab setting for a job
 NNETJTXT()   Determines how the contents of a job file are interpreted
 NNETJWORK()  Checks to see if a job is currently in service on print server
 NNETNQSRVS() Determines number of print servers that service a print queue
 NNETQDIR()   Determines the queue directory
 NNETQOPS()   Determines the list of queue operators
 NNETQSRVS()  Determines the list of print servers that service a print queue
 NNETQSTAT()  Sets or reads a print queue status
 NNETQUSERS() Determines the list of queue users
 NNETREMQOP() Removes a queue operator
 NNETREMQSV() Removes a queue server
 NNETREMQUS() Removes a queue user
 NNETSETQ()   Sets a print queue for the capture mode

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