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 Introduction Miscellaneous Functions
 HEXTOSTR()   Converts a hexadecimal string into a byte sequence
 NNETDOWN()   Shuts down the file server
 NNETERROR()  Returns error most recently encountered by a Novell function
 NNETINFO()   Returns the information string of the Netware in use
 NNETSDATE()  Queries the Novell file server date
 NNETSERNO()  Determines the Netware serial number
 NNETSFTLVL() Determines the System Fault Tolerance level of the Netware
 NNETSPSTAT() Determines the status of a server printer
 NNETSTIME()  Queries the time on a Novell file server
 NNETVER()    Determines the version of the Netware in use
 NNETWORK()   Determines whether or not a Novell network is active
 STRTOHEX()   Converts a byte sequence into hexadecimal form

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