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 Appendix C
 Novell Error Codes

     This section describes the Novell error codes that will occur in
     conjunction with NNETxxxxxx() functions.  The error from the previously
     called function must be determined using NNETERROR().  Some of the error
     codes, like 254 or 255 have multiple meanings, and only permit a precise
     definition of the nature of the error in conjunction with the network
     function used.

     Error codes 1 - 18, as well as 32 - 33 are DOS error messages and
     correspond to those described in Appendix C:

     MS/PC-DOS Extended Error Codes
     Error Codes    Definition
     128            File in use error
     129            No more file handles
     130            No more open privileges
     131            I/O error on network
     132            No create privileges
     133            No create or delete privileges
     136            Invalid file handle
     137            No search privileges
     138            No delete privileges
     140            No modify privileges
     147            No read privileges
     148            No write privileges or read-only
     150            Server out of memory
     151            No disk space for spool file
     152            Volume does not exist
     153            Directory full
     154            Renaming across volumes
     156            No more trustees
     158            Invalid filename
     161            Directory I/O error
     198            No console operator
     208            Queue error
     209            No queue
     210            No queue server
     211            No queue rights
     212            Queue full
     213            No queue job
     214            No queue rights
     234            No such member
     339            Invalid name
     240            Wildcard not allowed
     241            Invalid bindery security
     242            No object read privilege
     248            Already attached to server
     251            Invalid parameters
     252            Unknown file server.  No such object
     253            Bad station number
     254            Bindery locked
                    Directory locked
                    Packet not deliverable
                    Spool directory error
                    Timeout failure
     255            Bad printer error
                    File extension error
                    File name error
                    Hardware failure
                    Invalid drive number
                    No files found error
                    No response from server
                    Path not locatable
                    Queue full error
                    Bindery error

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