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 Appendix E
 NetBIOS Error Codes

     NetBIOS Error Codes
     Value        Description
     1            Invalid buffer length
     3            Illegal command
     5            Time out
     6            Incomplete message
     7            Send No ACK operation failed
     8            Illegal local session number (LSN)
     9            No resource available
     10           Session terminated
     11           Commannd cancelled
     13           Name already in local name table
     14           Local name table full
     15           Name has active sessions
     17           Local session table full
     18           Session open failed
     19           Invalid NetBIOS name number
     20           Call Name not in network
     21           Invalid name oder name not found
     22           Name already exsists on remote station
     23           Name deleted
     24           Abnormal session termination
     25           Name conflict
     33           Adapter busy
     34           Too many pending commands
     35           Invalid adapter number
     36           Command completed during cancel
     38           Command cannot be canceled
     48           Name conflict with other environment
     53           Out of resources (temporary)
     56           Requested resource not available
     57           Invalid addess of network control block (NCB)
     58           Reset not allowed in POST routine
     78-79        Network status error
     246-250      Adapter error
     252          Adapter open not successful
     253          Unexpected adapter close
     254          NetBIOS not active

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