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                       Class(y) v2.4
         Copyright (c) 1991-1995 Anton van Straaten.
                All worldwide rights reserved.

     Class(y) is published by AppSolutions, Inc., providers of
     object-oriented tools, education and consulting services.

     AppSolutions, Inc.
     266 Harristown Rd Suite 108
     Glen Rock NJ 07452 U.S.A.

     Sales Office                     Technical Support
     -------------------------        ------------------------
     Voice:      201-445-5758         Voice:      610-692-7440
     Orders:   1-800-8-CLASSY         Fax:        610-429-1554
              (1-800-825-2779)        BBS:        201-445-5444
     Fax:        201-445-5462         CompuServe: 72124,2247
     CompuServe: 74730,3257

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