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 RDD Reference -- Overview                                                   .
 APPEND FROM     Import records from a (.dbf) or ASCII file                  .
 COPY TO         Export records to a new (.dbf) or ASCII file                .
 DBAPPEND()      Append a new record to the database in the current work area.
 DBGOTO()        Position record pointer to a specific identity              .
 DBRLOCK()       Lock the record at the current or specified identity        .
 DBRLOCKLIST()   Return an array of the current Lock List                    .
 DBRUNLOCK()     Release all or specified record locks                       .
 DBSETINDEX()*   Empty Orders from an Order Bag into the Order List          .
 DELETE TAG      Delete a Tag                                                .
 GO              Move the pointer to the specified identity                  .
 INDEX           Create an index file                                        .
 ORDBAGEXT()     Return the default Order Bag RDD extension                  .
 ORDBAGNAME()    Return the Order Bag name of a specific Order               .
 ORDCREATE()     Create an Order in an Order Bag                             .
 ORDDESTROY()    Remove a specified Order from an Order Bag                  .
 ORDFOR()        Return the FOR expression of an Order                       .
 ORDKEY()        Return the key expression of an Order                       .
 ORDLISTADD()    Add Orders to the Order List                                .
 ORDLISTCLEAR()  Clear the current Order List                                .
 ORDLISTREBUI()  Rebuild all Orders in Order List of the current work area   .
 ORDNAME()       Return the name of an Order in the Order List               .
 ORDNUMBER()     Return the position of an Order in the current Order List   .
 ORDSETFOCUS()   Set focus to an Order in an Order List                      .
 RDDLIST()       Return an array of available Replaceable Database Drivers   .
 RDDNAME()       Return name of RDD active in current or specified work area .
 RDDSETDEFAULT() Set or return the default RDD for the application           .
 RECNO()         Return the identity at the position of the record pointer   .
 SEEK            Search an Order for a specified key value                   .
 SET INDEX       Open one or more Order Bags in the current work area        .
 SET ORDER       Select the controlling Order                                .

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