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 Data Structures

 DBEVALINFO         Information needed for code block evaluation on rows
 DBFIELDINFO        Information needed to define a column to the workarea
 DBFILTERINFO       Specifies a filter condition to hide specified rows
 DBFUNCTABLE        The virtual method table for the workarea
 DBLOCKINFO         Information necessary to lock a row or table
 DBOPENINFO         Information about table to be opened in the workarea
 DBORDERCONDINFO    Information needed for creation of a conditional Order
 DBORDERCREATEINFO  Information needed to create a new order for the workarea
 DBORDERINFO        Information needed to open/address an Order
 DBRELINFO          List of relational information
 DBSCOPEINFO        References to all Xbase-style scope clause expressions
 DBSORTINFO         Information needed to perform a sort on the workarea
 DBSORTITEM         Array of sort key values
 DBTRANSINFO        Define a global transfer of data items
 DBTRANSITEM        Define a single transfer item (usually a field)
 FIELD              Field (column) definitions
 WORKAREA           Information to administrate the workarea
 Workarea Methods

 bof()              Determine logical beginning of file
 eof()              Determine logical end of file
 found()            Determine outcome of the last search operation
 goBottom()         Position cursor at the last logical identity (record)
 goTo()             Position cursor at a specific physical identity (record)
 goTop()            Position cursor at the first logical identity (record)
 seek()             Position cursor at first row with matching key value
 skip()             Reposition cursor relative to current position
 skipFilter()       Reposition cursor respecting any filter setting
 skipRaw()          Reposition cursor regardless of filter
 Data Management Methods

 addField()         Add a column (field) to the workarea
 append()           Append a row (record) to the workarea
 delete()           Mark a row (record) for deletion
 deleted()          Determine deletion status for a row (record)
 fieldCount()       Determine the number of columns (fields) in the workarea
 fieldName()        Determine the name associated with a column number
 flush()            Write data buffer to the data store
 getValue()         Obtain the current value of a column (field)
 getVarLen()        Obtain the length of a column (field) value
 goCold()           Perform write to data store of workarea memory
 goHot()            Mark the workarea data buffer as hot
 putRec()           Replace the current row (record)
 putValue()         Assign a value to the current column (field)
 recall()           Undelete the current row (record)
 reccount()         Obtain the number of rows in the workarea's table
 recno()            Obtain the number of the current physical row (record)
 setFieldExtent()   Establish extent of the array of fields for a workarea
 Workarea/Database Management Methods

 alias()            Obtain the alias of the workarea
 close()            Close the table in the workarea
 create()           Create a data store (table) in the specified workarea
 dbEval()           Evaluate code block for each row (record) in workarea
 info()             Retrieve information about the current driver
 new()              Clear the workarea for use
 open()             Open a data store (table) in the workarea
 pack()             Remove rows (records) marked for deletion from a database
 release()          Release all references to workarea
 sort()             Physically reorder a database
 structSize()       Retrieve the size of the workarea structure
 sysName()          Obtain the name of the RDD subsystem
 trans()            Copy one or more rows (records)
 transRec()         Copy a single row (record) to another workarea
 zap()              Physically remove all rows from the data store (table)
 Relational Operation Methods

 childEnd()         Report end of relation
 childStart()       Report initialization of relation
 childSync()        Post a pending relational movement
 clearRel()         Clear all relations in the current workarea
 forceRel()         Force relational seeks
 relArea()          Obtain the logical number of the workarea
 relEval()          Evaluate block against relation in the specified workarea
 relText()          Obtain the character expression of the specified relation
 setRel()           Set relation into parent file
 syncChildren()     Force relational movement in child workareas
 Order Management Methods

 orderCreate()      Create new Order
 orderInfo()        Provides information about order management
 orderListAdd()     Opens an Order Bag in the indicated workarea
 orderListClear()   Clear the current Order List
 orderListFocus()   Select the controlling order
 orderListRebuild() Rebuild all orders in the current workarea
 Filter and Scoping Methods

 clearFilter()      Clear the active filter expression
 clearLocate()      Clear the active locate expression
 clearScope()       Clear the scope setting for the workarea
 filterText()       Return filter condition of the specified workarea
 setFilter()        Set the filter condition for the workarea
 setLocate()        Set the locate scope for the workarea
 setScope()         Set a general scope for the workarea
 Network Operation Methods

 lock()             Perform a network lock in the workarea
 unlock()           Release network locks in the workarea
 Miscellaneous Methods

 compile()          Compile a character expression
 error()            Raise a runtime error
 evalBlock()        Evaluate a code block

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