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 Sample Programs--Overview
 Ampm.prg        Summer '87 AmPm() compatibility routine
 Array.ch        Header file for array manipulation examples
 Array.prg       Array manipulation examples
 Asrtdemo.prg    Demonstrates the Assert() pseudofunction
 Box.prg         Simple box menus
 Browse.prg      Browses active database using TBrowse object
 Date.prg        Date manipulation functions
 Days.prg        Summer '87 Days() compatibility routine
 Dbf.prg         Summer '87 Dbf() compatibility routine
 Dict.ch         Header file for keyed dictionary utility
 Dict.prg        Keyed dictionary utility
 Dot.prg         Dot prompt emulator
 Elaptime.prg    Summer '87 ElapTime() compatibility routine
 Environ.prg     File look up and state control functions
 Filedemo.prg    Demonstration of file manager function
 Filedemo.rmk    RMAKE script for file manager function
 Fileman.ch      Header file for file manager function
 Fileman.prg     File Manager function
 Fileio.prg      Binary file manipulation
 Fklabel.prg     Summer '87 FkLabel() compatibility routine
 Fkmax.prg       Summer '87 FkMax() compatibility routine
 Gaugdemo.prg    Demonstration program for Gauge.prg
 Gauge.prg       Status gauge functions
 Iterator.prg    Array iterator functions
 Keyboard.prg    Keyboard functions
 Lennum.prg      Summer '87 LenNum() compatibility routine
 Locks.prg       Database file locking functions
 Locks87.ch      Header file for Summer '87 locking functions compatibility
 Mod.prg         Summer '87 Mod() compatibility routine
 Num.prg         Numeric functions
 Print.prg       Printer control function
 Readkey.prg     Summer '87 ReadKey() compatibility routine
 Scrolbar.prg    Scroll bar functions
 Secs.prg        Summer '87 Secs() compatibility routine
 Stack.prg       Functions to implement a stack data structure
 Status.prg      Status indicator function
 String.prg      String manipulation functions
 Strzero.prg     Summer '87 StrZero() compatibility routine
 Tbdemo.prg      Example of using TBrowse objects
 Time.prg        Time manipulation functions
 Time87.ch       Header file for Summer '87 time functions compatibility
 Tstring.prg     Summer '87 Tstring() compatibility routine
 Valedit.prg     Example of using Get objects
 SOUNDEX.C       Extend API example implementing SOUNDEX() function
 STUFF.C         Extend API example implementing STUFF() function
 EXAMPLEA.ASM    CA-Clipper/Assembler interface examples
 TEMPLATE.ASM    Assembler source code example

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