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 _fsChDir()         Change the current DOS directory
 _fsChDrv()         Change the current DOS disk drive
 _fsClose()         Close a file
 _fsCommit()        Flush a buffer to disk
 _fsCreate()        Create a file
 _fsCurDir()        Return a name of the current directory
 _fsCurDrv()        Return the current DOS drive
 _fsDelete()        Delete a file
 _fsError()         Return the number of the last DOS error
 _fsExtOpen()       Extended file open
 _fsIsDrv()         Check if a disk drive is available
 _fsLock()          Lock or unlock a portion of a file
 _fsMkDir()         Create a directory
 _fsOpen()          Open a file
 _fsRead()          Read a file
 _fsRmDir()         Remove a directory
 _fsRename()        Rename a file
 _fsSeek()          Reposition the pointer within a file
 _fsWrite()         Write a file

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