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 STACKS & SYMBOLS               Introduction

  ITEM                          Clipper's Var Structure
  SYMBOL                        ClipperSymbols
  WEED                          call me Names
  SFRAME                        Stackframe for Functions
  BLOCK                         Codeblock

    __eval                      EvalStack
    __tos                       TopOfStack
    __lbase                     LocalBase
    __SymEval                   Pointer to "eval"
    __fbase                     ? BasePointer
    __sBase                     Static Base
    __pcount                    Parameter Counter
    __line_num                  LineNumber
    __eExtent                   High End of Memvar table         
    __eStat                     Low End of Memvar table         
    __eStatlow                  low water mark for memvar Table
    __evalHigh                 high water mark for the Eval Stack
    __fzzcount                  Local ItemCounter

    __actinfo()                 Callstack Function
    __chk_sym                   validate SymbolPtr
    __DropGrip()                Unlock Item
    __GetGrip()                 Lock Item
    __get_sym                   Get/Create SymbolPtr
    __QQPUB()                   Create a Public Var
    __fixlen()                  Adjust length
    __igetm()                   Get Value of MemVar
    __iparams()                 Create n memVars
    __ipopm()                   Pop Stack
    __iprivates()               Create n Privates
    __ipublics()                Create n Publics
    __ipushm()                  Push var to _tos
    __ipushmr()                 Push refvar to _tos
    __iSaveRet()                Copy Item from __tos to __eval
    __lParam()                  Get Parameter as LONG
    __Param()                   Get any Parameter's Itemptr
    __PutC()                    return String
    __PutCL()                   Put String with length to _eval
    __PutL()                    return LogVar
    __PutLN()                   return Long INT
    __PutQ()                    return Quant
    __PutSym()                  Push SymbolItem on __tos
    __RetC ()                   Return Char
    __RetL ()                   Return BOOL
    __RetQ ()                   Return Int
    __spToL ()                  Convert value
    __spToQ ()                  Convert value
    __tcvt                      Convert any item to String
    __xpopm()                   Pop __Tos to Item
    __xpushM()                  Push Item to __Tos
    _weed_eatr                  perform a method on every Symbol