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 AVERAGE                Average numeric fields in database
 CONTINUE               Resume a LOCATE
 COPY TO ARRAY          Copies field data into a multi-dimensional array
 COPY TO                Copy records to a new database or ASCII file
 COUNT                  Count records that meet a logical condition
 CLEAR ORDER            Close a single index order
 CLEAR SCOPE            Clear index SCOPE values
 DELETE                 Mark records for deletion
 DELETE TAG             Delete a tag from a compound index
 DISPLAY                Display records to the console
 INDEX                  Create an index file or tag
 LIST                   List records to the console
 LOCATE                 Search for a record matching a condition
 MEMOPACK               Purges unused blocks from a memo file
 PACK                   Packs DBF as well as any associated memo files
 RECALL                 Unmark records that have been marked deleted
 REFRESH FILTER         Refreshes the active filter on shared files
 REINDEX                Rebuild open indexes for workarea
 REPLACE                Assign new values to one or more fields in a database
 SEARCH FOR             Fills array with record numbers for a condition
 SET DELETED            Hide/Show records marked for deletion
 SET FILTER             Hide records not meeting a condition
 SET INDEX              Open index file(s) in current work area
 SET MEMOBLOCK          Set block size for new memo files
 SET OPTIMIZE           Toggle automatic optimization on/off
 SET RECHECK            Toggle re-testing of partial filter condition
 SET SCOPE              Set high and low index scope values
 SET SCOPETOP/BOTTOM    Set/Clear an index scope value
 SET TAG / ORDER        Set a new controlling index or tag
 SET TURBOREAD          Override index locking
 SET TYPECHECK          Override default type checking
 SORT                   Copy to a new table in sorted order
 SUBINDEX               Creates a subindex using a SCOPE condition
 SUM                    Sum numeric variables in database
 TOTAL                  Total numeric fields by key value to a new database
 USE                    Opens a database file for use
 WILDSEEK               Performs a wildcard SEEK from bof()
 WILDSEEKNEXT           Performs wildcard SEEK from current recno()

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