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 _sx_INIinit()      Initializes Data Dictionary (.INI) system
 _sxCondSet()       Defines options to be used by dbCreateIndex()
 hs_Add()           Adds a text string entry to a HiPer-SEEK index file      .
 hs_Close()         Closes a previously opened HiPer-SEEK index file         .
 hs_Create()        Creates a new, empty HiPer-SEEK index file               .
 hs_Delete()        Deletes specifed index record from HiPer-SEEK index file .
 hs_Filter()        Sets a filter using a HiPer-SEEK index                   .
 hs_IfDel()         Determines if a HiPer-SEEK record is marked as deleted   .
 hs_Index()         Creates and populates a new HiPer-SEEK index             .
 hs_KeyCount()      Returns the number of entries in a HiPer-SEEK index      .
 hs_Next()          Searches a HiPer-SEEK index file for first/next match    .
 hs_Open()          Opens an existing HiPer-SEEK index file                  .
 hs_Replace()       Replaces current HiPer-SEEK index entry with a new value .
 hs_Set()           Sets up parameters for a subsequent hs_Next() call       .
 hs_Undelete()      Unmarks the specified HiPer-SEEK record as being deleted .
 hs_Verify()        Verifies hs_Next() hit against code block expression     .
 m6_AddScoped()     Adds records in a range to a filter
 m6_ChgOwner()      Set ownership of RYO filter to user
 m6_dbEval()        Optimized version of dbEval()'s with FOR conditions
 m6_Error()         Get error code for last command/function
 m6_EvalPartial()   Resolve partially optimizable filters
 m6_FiltAddRec()    Adds record to a filter
 m6_FiltChgRec()    Toggle record status in a filter
 m6_FiltCopy()      Make copy of a specified filter
 m6_FiltCount()     Returns number of records in a filter
 m6_FiltDropRec()   Drop a record from a filter
 m6_FiltInfo()      Get information about a specified filter
 m6_FiltInverse()   Change state of all filter records
 m6_FiltJoin()      Join two filters
 m6_FiltRestore()   Restore filter from a file
 m6_FiltSave()      Save filter to a file
 m6_FiltSkip()      Position pointer to the next filtered record
 m6_FiltBott()      Position pointer to last filtered record
 m6_FiltGoRec()     Position pointer to specified record
 m6_FiltTop()       Position pointer to first filtered record
 m6_FreeFilter()    Release a Roll-Your-Own filter from memory
 m6_GetAreaFilter() Gets a handle to workarea filter
 m6_IsFilter()      Returns the optimization level of the active filter
 m6_IsFiltRec()     Test if record is in a Roll-Your-Own filter
 m6_IsOptimize()    Measures the optimizability of a FOR expression
 m6_NewFilter()     Creates a new Roll-Your-Own filter
 m6_RecCount()      Returns the number of records found in last query
 m6_RefreshFilter() Refreshes the current filter on shared files
 m6_SetAreaFilter() Sets workarea filter to a Roll-Your-Own filter
 m6_SetFilter()     Hide records not meeting a condition
 m6_SetTemp()       Set path for temporary files
 m6_Version()       Returns the Mach SIx version information
 OrdBagExt()        Return the default Order Bag RDD extension
 OrdBagName()       Return the Order Bag name of a specific Order
 OrdCondSet()       Defines options to be used by OrdCreate()
 OrdCreate()        Create an Order in an Order Bag
 OrdDestroy()       Remove a specified Order from an Order Bag
 OrdFor()           Return the FOR expression of an Order
 OrdKey()           Return the key expression of an Order
 OrdListAdd()       Add Orders to the Order List
 OrdListClear()     Clear the current Order List
 OrdListRebui()     Rebuild all Orders in Order List of the current workarea
 OrdName()          Return the name of an Order in the Order List
 OrdNumber()        Returns position of an Order in the current Order List
 OrdSetFocus()      Set focus to an Order in an Order List
 RDD_Count()        Get number of database drivers (RDD's) linked
 RDD_Info()         Get information about a database driver (RDD)
 RDD_Name()         Get name of a database driver (RDD)
 SetRDD()           Make a database driver (RDD) the default driver
 sxChar()           Character template function for multi-key indexing
 sxNum()            Numeric template function for multi-key indexing
 sxDate()           Date template function for multi-key indexing
 sxLog()            Logical template function for multi-key indexing
 Sx_AutoOpen()      Enables/Disables auto-open mode for structural indexes
 Sx_AutoShare()     Controls automatic handling of file sharing
 Sx_BLOB2File()     Writes contents of an .FPT/.SMT memo field to a file
 Sx_Chill()         Converts an index or tag to a "Changes Only" type
 Sx_ClearOrder()    Closes a single index in the specified index order
 Sx_ClrScope()      Clear an index SCOPE value
 Sx_Compress()      Compresses a character string or buffer
 Sx_dbCreate()      Creates a new database with special VariField support    .
 Sx_DBFdecrypt()    Decrypts a previously encrypted table
 Sx_DBFencrypt()    Encrypts a database using a specified password
 Sx_Decompress()    Decompresses a compressed character string or buffer
 Sx_Decrypt()       Decrypts an encrypted string using a specified password
 Sx_DefTrigger()    Default trigger function used to control system events
 Sx_Descend()       Switches index reads between ASCENDING & DESCENDING
 Sx_DTOP()          Converts Clipper DATE value into 3-byte packed date val  .
 Sx_Encrypt()       Encrypts a string using a specified password
 Sx_Error()         Get internal error code for last operation
 Sx_FCompress()     Compresses a specified file to a new file
 Sx_FDecompress()   Decompresses a previously compressed file
 Sx_FileOrder()     Get the index FILE position of current order bag
 Sx_File2BLOB()     Stores a specified file into an .FPT/.SMT memo field
 Sx_FindRec()       Locates a specific record number within the index file
 Sx_FNameParser()   Trim path and or extension from a file name
 Sx_Freeze()        Converts an index or tag to a "No Update" type
 Sx_GetLocks()      Returns an array containing locked record numbers
 Sx_I_IndexName()   Get name of index file being indexed/reindexed
 Sx_I_TagName()     Get name of tag being indexed/reindexed
 Sx_IDtype()        Determines if the current record is encrypted or not
 Sx_IndexCount()    Returns the number of indexes open in a workarea
 Sx_IndexFilter()   Get the filter expression of a conditional index
 Sx_IndexName()     Gets the name of an open index file
 Sx_IndexType()     Returns the type of the current or specified index
 Sx_INIheader()     Retrieves information from a workarea's .INI file
 Sx_IsDBT()         Indicates whether or not DBT.OBJ was linked in
 Sx_IsFLocked()     Returns file lock status for an database file
 Sx_IsLocked()      Returns lock status for an individual record
 Sx_IsReadOnly()    Returns READONLY status of a database file
 Sx_IsReindex()     Check if a REINDEX is in progress
 Sx_IsROXLock()     Determines if a Read-Only lock is set on the index
 Sx_IsMyROX()       Determines if a Read-Only index lock was set by you
 Sx_IsSem()         Tests for existence of a semaphore-lock
 Sx_IsShared()      Returns SHAREd status of a database file
 Sx_KeyAdd()        Manually add a key to an index or tag
 Sx_KeyCount()      Get number of keys in an index or tag
 Sx_KeyData()       Get current key value from an index or tag
 Sx_KeyDrop()       Manually remove a key from an index or tag
 Sx_KeyGoto()       Repositions pointer in the index key
 Sx_KeyNo()         Get position of current key within index or tag
 Sx_KeysIncluded()  Get number of keys included in index so far
 Sx_KeySkip()       Skips through index keys
 Sx_KillSem()       Delete a semaphore-lock file
 Sx_KillTag()       Delete a tag from a compound index (.CDX/.NSX)
 Sx_LockRetry()     Sets/Returns record and file lock timeout value
 Sx_MakeSem()       Create a semaphore-lock file
 Sx_MemoExt()       Sets / Returns the current memo file extension
 Sx_MemoPack()      Purges unused blocks from a memo file
 Sx_PTOD()          Converts 3-byte packed date value into Clipper DATE val  .
 Sx_RLock()         Locks one or more records in a shared database
 Sx_RollBack()      Re-read current record from disk
 Sx_ROXLock()       Turns Read-Only Index Locking on for the current index
 Sx_ROXUnLock()     Turns Read-Only Index Locking off for the current index
 Sx_SeekLast()      Finds last occurrence of a value in the active index
 Sx_SetFileOrd()    Sets the active index order by file
 Sx_SetMemoBlock()  Set memo block size for new memo files
 Sx_SetPass()       Sets password for subsequent encryptions/decryptions
 Sx_SetScope()      Get/Set an index scope value
 Sx_SetTag()        Set the active tag by name
 Sx_SetTagNo()      Set the active tag by number
 Sx_SetTagOrder()   Selects an order by name or number
 Sx_SetTrigger()    Specifies a UDF to use for controlling system events
 Sx_SetTurbo()      Override index locking on a shared index
 Sx_SkipUnique()    Skip to next/previous unique key in the active order
 Sx_SlimFast()      Trim the fat from an expression string
 Sx_SortOption()    Set the USECURRENT state for the SORT command
 Sx_Step()          Returns STEP value used in an INDEX ON...OPTION command
 Sx_StrxCheck()     Toggles strict checking for structural index files
 Sx_TableName()     Get the name of a table file (.DBF)
 Sx_TableType()     Determines whether or not a table is encrypted or not
 Sx_TagCount()      Get the number of tags in a compound index file
 Sx_TagInfo()       Get information about all tags in an index
 Sx_TagName()       Get the name of a tag
 Sx_TagNo()         Get the active tag number within a compound index file
 Sx_TagOrder()      Get the currently active tag order
 Sx_Tags()          Get the names of all tags in an index
 Sx_TagUnique()     Returns the UNIQUE status of a specified tag
 Sx_Thermometer()   Returns the update status of an index or tag
 Sx_TurboArea()     Enables/Disables index locking for current work area
 Sx_UnLock()        Unlocks one or more records in a shared database
 Sx_Version()       Returns SIx Driver version information
 Sx_VFGet()         Retreives "V" field data for index creation              .
 Sx_VSigLen()       Returns the number of "significant" bytes in a field     .
 Sx_Warm()          Converts an index or tag to a "Full Update" type
 Sx_WildMatch()     Compares a character string with a pattern string
 Sx_WildSeek()      Performs a wildcard SEEK

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