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 Error Codes
 DBFNTX-compatible Errors
   SIX???/1001  Open Error (.DBF)
   SIX???/1002  Open Error (.FPT, .SMT, or .DBT)
   SIX???/1003  Open Error (index)
   SIX???/1004  Open Error (creating .DBF)
   SIX???/1005  Open Error (creating .FPT, .SMT, or .DBT)
   SIX???/1006  Open Error (creating index)
   SIX???/1010  Read Error
   SIX???/1011  Write Error
   SIX???/1012  Corruption Detected
   SIX???/1020  Data Type Error
   SIX???/1021  Data Width Error
   SIX???/1022  Lock Required
   SIX???/1023  Exclusive Required
   SIX???/1024  Append Lock Failed
   SIX???/1025  Write Not Allowed
   SIX???/1026  Data Width Error
   SIX???/1027  Limit Exceeded (too many indexes)
 SIx Driver-specific Errors
   SIX???/601   Seek Error
   SIX???/602   Index Corruption Detected
   SIX???/603   Open Error (semaphore file)
   SIX???/604   Open Error (creating semaphore file)
   SIX???/605   Insufficient Memory
   SIX???/610   Bad Index Expression
   SIX???/611   Index Key Is Too Long
   SIX???/612   Invalid Key Length
   SIX???/620   No Database Open
   SIX???/621   No Index Open
   SIX???/622   Tag Does Not Exist
   SIX???/623   Bad Tag Number
   SIX???/624   No Current Record
   SIX???/625   Bad Arguments
   SIX???/626   Invalid Data Type
   SIX???/630   Memo Entry Too Long
   SIX???/632   Invalid Memo Block Size
   SIX???/633   Index Locked
   SIX???/634   Not SIx Driver
   SIX???/640   Key Already Exists
   SIX???/641   Index Filter Violation
   SIX???/642   Key Not In Index
   SIX???/643   Attempt To Update RYO Index in READ ONLY Mode
   SIX???/680   Index Lock Timeout
   SIX???/690   Cannot open structural index

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