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  Sample Programs:

  The following is a brief description of each of the sample programs that
  are included with the SIx Driver.  These sample programs would have been
  installed, by default, into your \SIX3\SAMPLES directory.

  FPT2SMT.PRG  - Converts .DBF/.FPT combos into .DBF/.SMT combos.

  HSFILT.PRG   - Demonstrates using HiPer-SEEK indexes in a filtered browse.

  HYPER.PRG    - Demonstrates using Multi-Keyed, Free-Format RYO indexes
                 to create a Hyper-text Help system.

  INIDEMO.PRG  - Demonstration of how to use the Data Dictionary (.INI)

  M6DEMO.PRG   - Mach SIx Query Optimizer examples.

  MEMOCONV.PRG - Converts .DBF/.DBT combos into .DBF/.FPT or .DBF/.SMT.

  MEMOTEST.PRG - Detects, Reports, and optionally blanks out MEMO field
                 pointers which are duplicates or invalid (too high).

  MULTIKEY.PRG - Demonstrates using Multi-Keyed, Free-Format RYO indexes
                 for indexing on every word in a .DBF (character) field and
                 on selected words within a MEMO field.

  OBSOLETE.PRG - Clipper source code to replace obsolete or superseded
                 functions from previous versions of the SIx Driver.

  RECYCLE.PRG  - Demonstration of using Database Event Triggers to
                 perform automatic record recycling (reuse of deleted
                 records to eliminate the need to PACK).

  ROLLBACK.PRG - Demonstration of the Record Edit Rollback function,

  RYODEMO.PRG  - Demonstration of using a Roll-Your-Own (RYO) index to
                 tag/untag records within a tBrowse().

  RYOFILT.PRG  - Similar effect as in RYODEMO.PRG, except using a Mach SIx
                 Roll-Your-Own (RYO) filter.

  SCOPE.PRG    - Demonstrates using the index SCOPE features.

  SCRLLBAR.PRG - Demonstrates using the Ordinal Index Key Position functions
                 to create a vertical scroll bar in a tBrowse() window.

  SIXDEMO.PRG  - Complete demonstration of the SIx Driver, utilizing most
                 the other sample programs listed here.  Run the MAKEDEMO.BAT
                 file to create the SIXDEMO.EXE program.

  SIXTOOLS.PRG - Clipper source code for some handy UDFs you can use with
                 your SIx Driver applications.  These include the following

                  Odometer()   - For use with the INDEX ON command's OPTION

                  Sx_AddKeys() - Adds an arrayful of keys for the current
                                 record to a Multi-Keyed, Free-Format Index.

                  Sx_GetKeys() - Returns an array containing all of the keys
                                 in a Multi-Keyed, Free-Format Index for the
                                 current record.

                  Dots()       - Also for use with the INDEX ON command's
                                 OPTION clause.

                  IndexBar()   - Another progress meter like Odometer() for

                  ShowIt()     - Yet another.

                  MyAlert()    - Modified Alert() function using black on

  TESTINX.PRG  - Utility program to test index file integrity.

  TRIGDEMO.PRG - Demonstrates using the Database Event Triggers.

  VFDEMO.PRG   - Demonstrates @...SAY...GETs using VariField "V" Types.

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