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   Moving From SIx 2.0 to SIx 3.0:

   The primary differences to be aware of in SIx v3.0 when coming from v2.0
   are as follows:

     .  The SIx Driver library is now called SIX3.LIB instead of SIX2.LIB.
        The link script file that overlays it is called SIX3.LNK.

     .  You no longer need to link in MACHSIX.LIB, MACHSIX.LNK, CDXMACH6.OBJ,
        or NSXMACH6.OBJ to use the Mach SIx query optimizer.  Query optimiza-
        tion is now handled automatically, and all Mach SIx-related functions
        are contained within SIX3.LIB.

        If you want to specifically prevent Mach SIx from being linked into
        your SIx 3.0 application, you can do so by simply linking in the
        included NOMACH6.LIB file.  This library must be specified with the
        SEARCH keyword rather than the LIB keyword to you linker, and it
        must be listed prior to the SIX3.LIB file.

        NOTE:  If your linker does not support the SEARCH keyword, simply
               specify the NOMACH6.LIB file as a FILE instead of a LIB.

     .  SET DIRTYREAD is now SET TURBOREAD.  Sx_SetDirty() is now
        Sx_SetTurbo().  Sx_DirtyArea() is now Sx_TurboArea().  Only the
        names have changed.  The useage and functionality are the same as in
        SIx 2.0.  Backwards compatibilty is provided through the OBSOLETE.CH
        file, which is referenced by SIXCDX.CH and SIXNSX.CH.

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