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  Notes For International Users ONLY:

    NOTE:  This section only applies to people using the International
           releases of CA-Clipper and SIx 3.0.  If you are using the
           Domestic (U.S.) releases of CA-Clipper and SIx 3.0, this section
           does not apply to you at all.

  In order to use the International SIx 3.0 release, you must also link in
  one additional .OBJ module for your language's character sorting order.
  These .OBJ files will have been installed in the same directory as the
  other SIx Driver .OBJ files. By default, this would be in the \SIX3\OBJ
  directory.  The foreign nation modules currently included with the SIx 3.0
  release are as follows:

    SIXUK.OBJ    - Standard (American/British)
    SIXDAN.OBJ   - Danish                     
    SIXDUT.OBJ   - Dutch                      
    SIXFIN.OBJ   - Finnish                    
    SIXFRE.OBJ   - French                     
    SIXGER.OBJ   - German                     
    SIXIC850.OBJ - Icelandic (Code page 850)  
    SIXIC861.OBJ - Icelandic (Code page 861)  
    SIXITA.OBJ   - Italian                    
    SIXNOR.OBJ   - Norwegian                  
    SIXPOR.OBJ   - Portuguese                 
    SIXSPA.OBJ   - Spanish                    
    SIXSWE.OBJ   - Swedish                    

  For example, to link the German sort module into your SIXNSX application,
  you would include the SIXGER.OBJ like this:

    BLINKER FI test, sixger, sixnsx LI six3

  NOTE:  Failure to include one of the nations modules will result in
         Unresolved External errors for the following four symbols at
         link-time:  __ZCMP, __NPREVC, __NNEXTC, and __FORCE_ASCII.

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