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  First, I want to thank you for purchasing The SuccessWare Index (SIx)
  Driver.  All of us here at SuccessWare International appreciate your
  faith in our products and will endeavor to warrant your patronage.

  You may have noticed that there is no printed version of the Reference
  Manual accompanying this product. It was not mistakenly left out. Instead,
  I have supplied you with a concise Expert Help Guide and Hyper-text Engine
  so that the complete "manual" can be available to you when you most need
  it, while you're using our software.

  There are two main reasons I chose to make this move to an 'electronic'

    1.  Ease of Updates.  By its nature, software is not meant to be "static"
        and unchanging. (That's why it's "soft".)  Someone once said,
        "Software is never finished, only published."  One of the key
        problems in keeping software updated is the "hard" nature of the
        documentation.  By moving our manual back into the "soft" world, I
        can more easily (and affordably) make many of the new features and
        bug-fixes available to you almost as soon as they are created and/or

    2)  Ecological.  Whether you know it or not, the world population is
        using  paper-goods at an alarming rate.  So fast, in fact, that the
        forests cannot possibly keep up with our consumption.  Unfortunately,
        rather than find new ways to alter this behavior, we are instead
        simply devastating centuries-old rain-forests to fulfill our needs.
        Any effort we can make to stop this devastation (no matter how tiny
        it seem) is a positive step.

  For these reasons, I believe this move to a non-printed format is a
  positive step.  I hope you agree with me.


  Jeff Jochum, President
  SuccessWare International

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