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 SIx Driver Features
 Mach SIx Query Optimizer
 HiPer-SEEK (Integrated Fast Text Search Technology)
 VariFields (tm)
 FoxPro Compatibility
 FoxPro record-locking support
 Compact Indexes
 Compound Indexes
 Conditional and Scoped Indexes
 Roll-Your-Own Indexes
 Multi-Key, Free-Format Indexes
 Logical Index Record Functions
 Definable Memo Block Sizes
 Multi-Record Locking
 Record Edit Rollbacks
 Maximum FPT/SMT memo file size of 4Gb
 Array storage in FPT/SMT memo fields
 FPT/SMT memo files reuse discarded blocks
 Can perform a PACK on FPT/SMT/DBT memo files
 Data Encryption
 Data Compression
 Data Dictionary (.INI) Support
 Database Event Triggers
 RDD Utilities

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