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 Commonly Asked Questions

--------------------------------# General #------------------------------------------
 Why do CA-Clipper applications using SIx 3.0 lock up on XT's?
 Why am I getting IE1010 Errors and/or lockups?
 Why am I getting four Unresolved External errors (__ZCMP, etc...)?
 How do I use the SIx Driver with an existing application?
 How do I specify an RDD?
 How does the SIx Driver differ from the DBFCDX Driver in Clipper 5.2?
 Why am I getting a "DBCMD/1015 Argument Error: DBUSEAREA"?
 How do I change the current RDD?
 How do I make the SIx Driver the default driver?
 Can I use the SIx Driver and DBFNTX in the same application?
 Can I overlay the SIx Driver?
 Can I use the same files with FoxPro on a network?
 Why can't I lock more than 20 records at a time?
 Is the SIx Driver protected mode compatible?

-------------------------------# Indexing #------------------------------------------
 What is a .CDX?
 What is an .NSX?
 What is a TAG?
 How do I create a structural (auto-open) .CDX/.NSX?
 Why does my structural .CDX/.NSX seem to not open automatically?
 How can I close a structural CDX/NSX file?
 How can I delete a structural index file with it's DBF still open?
 Why does my .CDX/.NSX keep growing when I re-create an existing tag?
 How can I use extended expressions in my INDEX ON commands?
 What is an index SCOPE?
 How can I tell how many records are within an index SCOPE?
 What does SUBINDEX do?
 What are "Roll-your-own" indexes?  How do I make them?

-------------------------------# Memo Files#-----------------------------------------
 Why is my application creating DBT memos instead of FPT/SMT memos?
 Can I use .DBT's with the SIx Driver?
 How do I convert my .DBT's to .FPT/.SMT's?
 How do I convert my .FPT's to .SMT's?

------------------------# Mach SIx Query Optimizer #---------------------------------
 What is query optimization?
 What commands can I optimize?
 When should I use optimization?
 What is an optimizable expression ?
 How can I tell if an expression is optimizable?
 Can I optimize queries using DBFNTX or SIXNTX?
 Should I index every field, to make my queries 100% optimizable?
 Mach SIx says my query is optimizable, why is it still slow?
 Can I optimize queries using relationships?
 Why am I getting an "INTERNAL ERROR: 5320"?

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