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  Technical Support:

  We at SuccessWare are making every effort to provide you with quality
  software and clear, concise documentation.  In many cases, the answer to
  any problems may be addressed in the Getting Started or Commonly Asked
  Questions sections of this guide, or in the README.1ST file on the
  distribution diskette.

  In addition, we offer quick and effective technical support. If you should
  encounter a problem or question that is not covered by the documentation,
  you can receive technical support in one of the following ways:

  Option 1:  CompuServe

    You can reach us on CompuServe by electronic mail or on our section
    (GO SWARE, Section #3).  Either way, you'll get a prompt reply.

        Team SuccessWare  (General Use)           74774,2240

    NOTE:  If reporting a problem or a suspected bug, the absolute fastest
           way to a solution is to provide a small test program that demon-
           strates the problem, including source code and your link script.

  Option 2:  Fax Support

    You can fax us your questions or comments and we will usually get a
    reply back to your fax machine the same day!  Our fax machine is
    active 24 hours a day, and the number is (909) 695-5679.

    NOTE: Make sure that your return fax number includes your country code,
          if you are outside of the United States or Canada.

  Option 3:  The BabelBoard - SuccessWare's Support BBS

    The BabelBoard is a multi-line electronic bulletin board (BBS) operated
    by SuccessWare, and is geared towards providing support, information,
    utilities, bug fixes, and any other thing we can think of to make
    using our products easier.

    Using the BabelBoard is simple.  Just dial up the number presented below
    and answer the questions.  Online updates for SuccessWare-published
    products are made available to registered users of those products.  Just
    leave a message to the SYSOP.

    Here's the specifics:

      Number:  (909) 694-6891
      Baud  :  Up to 14.4 kbps
      Parity:  N-8-1

    NOTE:  European users can also contact us on the Euro-Babel BBS, 
           located in Munich, Germany at +49-89-784139.              

  Option 4:  Phone Support

    If you are desperate and need help right away and would like to speak
    to a technician, you can call SuccessWare directly.  To help us serve
    you better, please have the following information ready when you call:

      . Name and version of the SuccessWare product
      . Your product serial number (required)
      . The version of CA-Clipper you are using
      . The name and version of the linker you are using
      . The code in which the problem occurs, if applicable
      . Specifics about your computer setup, including:
          . AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS contents
          . Your ENVIRONMENT settings
          . Network software, if any (name, version)

    Phone support is available from 8am to 6pm PST and is free for the first
    30 days after your purchase.  Extended voice support is also available
    for a nominal annual fee.  Our technical support phone number is
    (909) 699-9657.

 Thank you for choosing SuccessWare.  If you have any suggestions, ideas,
 or even (gasp!) bug reports, we'd like to hear from you.  Give us a call
 or get ahold of us by mail, fax, or e-mail.


    SuccessWare 90, Inc.
    27349 Jefferson Ave.
    Temecula, CA  92590

    Voice: (909) 699-9657  (8am-6pm PST)
    Fax  : (909) 695-5679  (24 hours)
    BBS  : (909) 694-6891  (24 hours)

  Or In Europe:

    dc soft GmbH
    Machtlfinger Stra.e 26
    8000 M.nchen 70

    Voice: +49-89-78-58910
    BBS  : +49-89-78-4139


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