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 sx_Alias                  Retrieves the table alias name
 sx_Append                 Append a record to the database
 sx_AppendBlank            Appends a new blank record
 sx_AppendBlankEx          Appends a new blank record
 sx_AppendEx               Append a record to the database
 sx_AppendFrom             Appends data from a source table
 sx_BaseDate               Retrieves the date on DBF file
 sx_BaseName               Extracts the DOS path and file name of a DBF
 sx_BlobToFile             Writes a BLOB stored in a memo file
 sx_Bof                    Tests for Beginning of File
 sx_Close                  Close the current database
 sx_CloseAll               Close every database and index
 sx_CloseIndexes           Closes all open index files
 sx_Commit                 Writes record buffer to the current file
 sx_CommitLevel            Regulates how sx_Commit saves data
 sx_CopyFile               Copies the current data table to another file
 sx_CopyFileText           Copy the current data table to an ASCII text
 sx_CopyStructure          Creates a table that has the same structure
 sx_CopyStructureExtended  Creates a table that holds the record structure
 sx_Count                  Extracts the number of records in the table
 sx_CreateField            Defines a field to be included in a new table
 sx_CreateNew              Initializes a new work area
 sx_CreateExec             Creates a table in the work area set up
 sx_CreateFrom             Creates a new file from the structure extended
 sx_CreateNewEx            Initializes a new work area
 sx_DbfDecrypt             Decrypts a table that has been encrypted
 sx_DbfEncrypt             Encrypts all records in a table
 sx_DBFilter               Extracts the current filter conditional expression
 sx_DBRlockList            Retrieve a lock array of record numbers
 sx_Decrypt                Decrypt a buffer previously encrypted
 sx_Delete                 Flags the current record for deletion
 sx_Deleted                Determines if the current record has been deleted
 sx_Descend                Converts a key string into a 2s complement
 sx_Empty                  Determines if the named field is empty.
 sx_Encrypt                Encrypt a buffer with a password
 sx_Eof                    Tests for End of File
 sx_ErrorLevel             Set which errors will be reported
 sx_EvalLogical            Evaluates a logical xBase expression
 sx_EvalNumeric            Evaluates an xBase expression
 sx_EvalString             Evaluates an xBase expression
 sx_EvalTest               Tests the validity of an xBase expression
 sx_FieldType              Reports the type of the named field
 sx_FieldCount             Extracts the number of fields in DBF
 sx_FieldNum               Gets number of named field in field array
 sx_FieldName              Extracts the name of the nth field
 sx_FieldWidth             Extracts the width of the named field
 sx_FieldDecimals          Extracts the number of decimals pf a field
 sx_FieldOffset            Gets offset of named field in record buffer
 sx_FilterAlias            Assigns an alias name to a field name
 sx_Flock                  Locks the current table
 sx_Found                  Queries the result of the index seek made
 sx_GetBlob                Retrieves a BLOB that was stored in a memo field
 sx_GetBlobLength          Retrieves the length of a BLOB record
 sx_GetByte                Extracts the first character of a field
 sx_GetBitMap              Sends a bitmap that was stored in a memo file
 sx_GetDateJulian          Extracts date field contents a Julian number
 sx_GetDateString          Extracts date field contents as a string
 sx_GetDouble              Extracts numeric field contents as a double
 sx_GetInteger             Extracts numeric field content as integer
 sx_GetLogical             Determines if a logical field is .T. or .F.
 sx_GetLong                Extracts numeric field content as long
 sx_GetMemo                Extracts memo field contents
 sx_GetQueryBit            Get the setting of a bit that maps to a record
 sx_GetRecord              Fills a defined and initialized buffer or record
 sx_GetString              Extracts the contents of any field as a string
 sx_GetScope               Gets the original value of a scoping string
 sx_GetTrimString          Extracts the contents of any field as a string
 sx_GetVariant             Convert any data type to a string
 sx_Go                     Goes to a physical record
 sx_GoBottom               Moves the record pointer to the last record
 sx_GoTop                  Goes to the first record in the file
 sx_Index                  Creates a new single-order (.NTX or .IDX) index
 sx_IndexTag               Creates a new tag in the compound .CDX or .NSX index
 sx_IndexClose             Closes the current index file
 sx_IndexCondition         Extracts the conditional index expression
 sx_IndexFlip              Dynamically toggles the descending index flag
 sx_IndexKey               Extracts the contents of the xBase key used
 sx_IndexKeyField          Extracts the name of the first field in index
 sx_IndexName              Extracts the DOS file name of defined index
 sx_IndexOpen              Opens an index file
 sx_IndexOrd               Gets the current order number
 sx_IndexType              Gets the current index or Tag type
 sx_IsEncrypted            Determines if the current record or file is encrypted
 sx_IsNull                 Determines if the named field is empty
 sx_KeyAdd                 Adds a key to the specified index order
 sx_KeyData                Extracts the key data from the current index
 sx_KeyDrop                Deletes a key to the specified index order
 sx_Locate                 Initializes or continues a record location
 sx_Locked                 Determines the lock status of a record
 sx_LockCount              Retrieves the number of locks
 sx_OrderRecNo             Retrieves the logical record number
 sx_Pack                   Removes all records marked for deletion
 sx_PutBlob                Stores a BLOB in a memo field
 sx_PutRecord              Replace an entire record
 sx_PutVariant             Replace the contents of a field with a variant
 sx_Query                  Sets an ultra high speed filter
 sx_QueryRecCount          Extracts the number of records in query
 sx_QueryTest              Tests a given xBase expression
 sx_Recall                 Recalls a record that has been logically deleted
 sx_RecCount               Extracts the physical number of records
 sx_RecNo                  Extracts the current physical record number
 sx_RecSize                Extracts the size of a record
 sx_RecToString            Converts a reference to a record structure
 sx_Reindex                Rebuilds all active orders attached
 sx_Replace                Replace the named field's contents
 sx_Rlock                  Locks the defined record
 sx_RYOFilterActivate      Activate an existing filter bitmap
 sx_RYOFilterCopy          Copies the existing filter bitmap
 sx_RYOFilterCreate        Creates an empty bitmap
 sx_RYOFilterDestroy       Destroys a bitmap
 sx_RYOFilterGetBit        Gets a bit corresponding to the table record
 sx_RYOFilterRestore       Sets or resets the active bitmap
 sx_RYOFilterSave          Saves the defined bitmap in a disk file
 sx_RYOFilterSetBit        Sets or resets a bit
 sx_RYOKeyAdd              Adds a key to an existing sxChar RYO index
 sx_RYOKeyDrop             Drops a key from an existing sxChar RYO index
 sx_Seek                   Searches the current order for a supplied key
 sx_SeekBin                Searches the current order for a supplied key
 sx_Select                 Selects an existing work area
 sx_SetCentury             Set the two digits of the year
 sx_SetDateFormat          Set the format of date strings
 sx_SetDeleted             Set visibility of deleted records
 sx_SetEpoch               Set interpretation of date strings
 sx_SetExact               Set a partial key match is True of False
 sx_SetFilter              Defines a subset of the current table
 sx_SetHandles             Change the number of open file handles
 sx_SetLockTimeOut         Sets the number of seconds allowed to retry a lock
 sx_SetMemoBlockSize       Set Memo Block Sise
 sx_SetOrder               Selects an existing order as the controlling
 sx_SetPassword            Defines an encoding key for encryption
 sx_SetQueryBit            Sets a bit (on or off) in a query bitmap
 sx_SetRelation            Set a relationship among tables
 sx_SetSoftSeek            Set if partial match in seek is valid
 sx_SetScope               Sets formal scope
 sx_SetStringType          Set string format
 sx_SetTranslate           Automatically translates record buffers
 sx_SetTurboRead           sx_SetTurboRead is used to speed up record
 sx_Skip                   Skips forwards or backwards
 sx_SysProp                Sets or retrieves SDE system information
 sx_TagArea                Retrieves the index select area
 sx_TagName                Retrieves the name of the tag
 sx_Unlock                 Removes record and/or file locks
 sx_Use                    Opens an existing table
 sx_UseEx                  Open an existing table
 sx_Version                Extracts SDE version number currently in use
 sx_WorkArea               Retrieves the table numeric work area
 sx_Zap                    Remove all records from the table

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