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 FtsAdd               Adds a new record to an FTS index
 FtsClose             Closes an FTS index
 FtsCreate            Creates an empty index file
 FtsDelete            Marks an FTS record as deleted
 FtsIsDelete          Tests if an FTS record is marked deleted
 FtsNextRec           Get next 'hit' during an FTS search
 FtsNumRecs           Returns the number of records in an FTS file
 FtsOpen              Opens an existing FTS index file
 FtsReplace           Replaces an existing FTS record with a new key value
 FtsSet               Establishes conditions for an FTS "find"
 FtsUnDelete          Remove delete attribute from a deleted FTS record
 FtsVerify            Verify a target string against the source string
 FtsVersion           Report the version of the FTS library

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