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 _sx_AutoAlias           Create an alias name if not supplied
 _sx_Century             Check is SET CENTURY is ON
 _sx_CheckOpenMode       Check open mode when opening a table
 _sx_CheckRDD            Check RDD name passed when opening a table
 _sx_CopyStructure       Copy structure to a file based on fields chosen
 _sx_DBStruct            Returns structure of a table
 _sx_Eval                Evaluate a code block
 _sx_GetDateValue        Returns date field value as date constant
 _sx_insertchar          Insert new character into a given string
 _sx_ltrim               Deletes leading white spaces in string
 _sx_padl                Pads a string to the left
 _sx_padr                Pads a string to the right
 _sx_rtrim               Drops trailing whitespace from string
 _sx_select              Select a work area to work on
 _sx_strcat              Concatenates multiple strings into a single result
 _sx_upper               Converts string to upper case
 _sx_Used                Check if a table is opened

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