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  200 Duplicate ALIAS
  400 APPEND FROM field type mismatch between files
  500 APPEND FROM no matching fields in source file
  600 Data store creation error
  700 DBF table format error
  750 DBF must be opened for EXCLUSIVE use
  775 Dialog in use
  800 INDEX RDE index format error
  900 MEMO RDE memo format error
 1000 Field addition attempt to existing table
 1100 Field extent exceeded
 1200 Field extent not defined
 1300 Field name characters invalid
 1400 Field name duplicated
 1500 Field not found
 1600 File creation error
 1700 File or record lock error
 1800 File open error
 1900 File open mode invalid
 2000 File opened for read only
 2100 File read error
 2200 File seek error
 2300 File seek error (zero length)
 2400 File unlock error
 2500 File write error
 2600 File write error (invalid record number)
 2700 Invalid child work area
 2800 Invalid data type specified during replacement
 2900 Invalid date
 2950 Invalid DOS file handle detected in lock attempt.
 2980 Invalid memo block size
 3000 Invalid record length for WINDOWS
 3100 Invalid record number
 3200 Invalid work area
 3300 sx_Locate expression not defined
 3400 Maximum files exceeded (MAX 250) in current task
 3500 Maximum tasks exceeded (24)
 3600 Memo field reference required
 3700 Memo maximum length (65534) exceeded
 3800 Memo memory allocation error
 3900 Memo write error
 4100 Memory allocation error (WINDOWS)
 4300 Order close error
 4400 Order file read error
 4500 Order head read error
 4600 Order key block size error
 4650 Order key delete failure.
 4700 Order key does not match expression
 4750 Order key insert failure.  See 4650 above.
 4800 Order key length maximum exceeded
 4900 Order key pointer invalid
 5000 Order key skip error
 5050 Order key zero length.
 5100 Order keys block read error
 5200 Order keys in block exceeded
 5300 Order positioning error (bottom)
 5400 Order positioning error (top)
 5500 Order read error during key insertion
 5600 Order root block seek error
 5700 Order select area invalid
 5800 Order sort out of memory
 5900 RDE DLL load error
 6000 RDE DLL not found
 6100 RDE type invalid
 6200 RDE type mismatch
 6215 Scope low value must be less than or equal to high value.
 6240 Lock Retry Timeout
 6250 Write failure. Record locked
 6300 xBase expression alias name not found
 6400 xBase expression contains unsupported function
 6500 xBase expression error: length
 6600 xBase expression error: number of parameters
 6700 xBase expression error: type
 6800 xBase expression evaluation error
 6900 xBase expression incomplete
 7000 xBase expression maximum parameters exceeded
 7100 xBase expression number of delimiters invalid
 7200 xBase expression operator invalid
 7300 xBase expression parameter invalid (date)
 7400 xBase expression parameter invalid
 7500 xBase expression parentheses mismatched
 7600 xBase expression string delimiter missing
 7700 xBase expression type mismatch within function params
 7800 xBase expression type must evaluate as LOGICAL

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