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 FTS_CREATEFAIL     -1 File creation error
 FTS_MEMERR         -2 Memory allocation error
 FTS_NULLPTR        -3 Function called with NULL pointer
 FTS_BADSEEK        -4 Illegal FtsSeek
 FTS_BADREAD        -5 Read error
 FTS_BADWRITE       -6 Write error
 FTS_RECBOUND       -7 Record number out of bounds
 FTS_ISDELETED      -8 Attempt to delete already deleted record
 FTS_NOTDELETED     -9 Attempt to undelete non-deleted record
 FTS_OPENERR       -10 Unable to open FTS file
 FTS_INTERR        -11 Internal Error
 FTS_NORECS        -13 Setup called with empty FTS file
 FTS_BADPARMS      -16 Illegal number or type of parameters
 FTS_NOMOREHANDLES -17 Ran out of FTS handles
 FTS_BADHANDLE     -18 Invalid handle
 FTS_BADIHANDLE    -19 Invalid internal handle
 FTS_LOCKFAILED    -20 Unable to lock file
 FTS_NOMORELOCKS   -21 Lock table exhausted
 FTS_CANNOTUNLOCK  -22 Unable to unlock file
 FTS_BADCOMMIT     -23 Unable to flush buffer to disk

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