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 Apollo (TM) is a high-performance xBase database engine. Apollo provides
 high-speed, multi-user local access to the data and index files used by
 CA-Clipper (.DBF/.DBT/.NTX), FoxPro (.DBF/.FPT/.IDX/.CDX), as well as the
 HiPer-SIx .NSX/.SMT index and memo file formats. Apollo is a self-contained
 engine and therefore does not require any additional drivers such as the
 BDE, ODBC, Access or JET.

 This API documentation explains how to use Apollo's underlying data engine,
 called the SDE (TM), directly from within Visual Basic and C. The Apollo
 API is used extensively by all Apollo products, which provide a highly
 integrated support for popular development tools and technologies such as:

 Apollo ASP (TM)
  for web developers working with Active Server Pages.

 Apollo COM (TM)
  for COM-enabled environments such as VB, C++, CA-Visual Objects,
  Harbour, etc.

 Apollo Data Control (TM)
  data control replacement for Visual Basic .

 Apollo Database Server (TM)
  server engine for allowing Apollo engines to work in client/server mode
  over a LAN or over the Internet.

 Apollo OLE DB (TM)
  for ADO-based environments such as VB, C++, Delphi, etc.

 Apollo SQL (TM)
  SQL add-on engine for all local Apollo engines.

 Apollo VCL (TM)
  for Borland Delphi and C++Builder.

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