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 Database Specifications
 Database Files                            Limit

 Max records per table                     1 billion (1)
 Max characters per record                 64k
 Max fields per record                     1022
 Max tables open all tasks                 250 (2)

 Index Files                               Limit

 Max characters per key (NTX)              338
 Max characters per key (CDX/IDX/NSX)      240
 Max length of index expression            255
 Max length of conditional expression      255
 Max number of tags in a .CDX index        255
 Max number of tags in an .NSX index        64
 Max open index files per table            249 (2)
 Max open index files per task             249 (2)

 Fields                                    Limit

 Max characters per field: Character       1023 (3)
 Max characters per field: Numeric           20
 Max characters per field: Logical            1 (4)
 Max characters per field: Date               8 (4)
 Max characters per field: memo ref in DBF   10 (4)
 Max characters per memo in DBT/FPT/SMT      64k
 Max BLOB size stored in a memo              16 Mb
 Max characters in a field name              10
 Numeric precision                           16

 (1) Actual file size is limited to 2GB.
 (2) Limited by memory and the number of file handles available 255 max.
 (3) Up to 32k if sx_GetRecord is used to read the entire record buffer.
 (4) Non-adjustable field size.

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